From Pimples to Moles: A Website About Dermatology

From Pimples to Moles: A Website About Dermatology

4 Dermatology Services for Health and Beauty

Dermatologists are skin doctors. They care for patients' skin, providing treatments and medications that can increase patients' health and beauty. If you suffer from acne, need an anti-aging solution, or simply want to ensure that your skin is in good condition, a dermatologist can help you. Here are four dermatology services you can take advantage of. 1. Skin Cancer

How Is Melanoma Diagnosed And Treated?

One type of skin cancer is melanoma, which is typically induced by DNA changes from excessive exposure to UV rays. People who discover mysterious moles or asymmetrical marks on their skin are urged to visit a dermatologist as soon as possible to be tested for melanoma. While it is an incredibly dangerous cancer, if caught early on, it can be treated quite effectively.

5 Different Things Botox Can Be Used For

Botox is considered a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, but it also has many medical benefits. It is important to understand all the ways that a dermatologist can use this treatment to bring you positive health and beauty benefits. Thing #1: Help Control Acne Acne is not only visually unappealing; a big outbreak can actually be painful to experience as well. If y

Three Dermatologist Services Covered By Medicare

Medicare is a type of insurance available to seniors aged 65 and older and people with certain disabilities. In general, Medicare solely covers medically necessary services. Many dermatologist services fall under this category. Here are three types of dermatological care you can receive if you hold Medicare insurance: 1. Full-Body Screenings Skin cancer is a serious c

Hand Eczema: How It Affects Your Hands

Hand eczema, also known as hand dermatitis, can make using your hands difficult. This condition not only looks bad but can also cause pain and itchiness as well as other problems. While hand eczema can be chronic, it doesn't mean that you have to suffer from it. Your dermatologist can help with diagnosis and relief. Here is more information about hand eczema, its caus