From Pimples to Moles: A Website About Dermatology

Three Essential Medical Services Offered In Dermatological Clinics

Dermatology is an area in medical practice that deals with health issues related to nails, skin, hair, and mucous membrane. The skin as the largest body organ serves both aesthetic and medical purposes. For instance, when one has an allergic reaction, the signs and symptoms manifest as rashes on the skin. Moreover, visible signs and symptoms of most diseases show on the skin at the incubation stage. Therefore, a person's skin health is a reflection of their general body health. A dermatologist clinic uses various medical and cosmetic procedures to treat dermatological issues. The medical and cosmetic procedures can be noninvasive therapies and medications or invasive approaches as necessitated by the diagnosed condition. 

Treating Sun-Damaged Skin Through Chemical Peeling

Exposure to direct sunlight without sun protection can cause sunburns and other sun-damaged skin-related issues. Dermatologist clinics treat sun-damaged skin using a cosmetic process called chemical peeling. Dermatologists expose a patient's skin to chemicals that cause the skin's top layer to peel off, thus the name "chemical peeling." Dermatologist clinics have expert dermatologists who induce a controlled injury that causes the patient to re-grow a young, smoother, and healthier skin. Moreover, chemical peeling can treat acne, lines under a patient's eyes, and age spots. Thus, patients with sun-damaged skin should visit dermatologist clinics to receive optimal quality care.

Undergoing Cryotherapy to Treat Skin Conditions

A dermatologist clinic treats benign skin conditions such as warts, moles, and freckles. Benign skin conditions are non-cancerous. Cryotherapy is a quick treatment procedure offered in many dermatologist clinics where specialists use liquid nitrogen or extreme cold to freeze skin lesions, destroying the affected cells. The low temperatures inactivate the benign cells, inhibiting their multiplication. Furthermore, cryotherapy can treat inflammation, muscle pain, and cell damage, making it particularly helpful to athletes. Cryotherapy allows athletes to recover from injury by regulating pain without relying on high painkiller dosages.

Cosmetic Procedures to Mitigate Aging Signs

Any person looking to reduce aging signs such as wrinkles and sagging skin should visit a dermatologist clinic. Dermatologists can inject dermal fillers and other injectable substances like fillers, Botox, and collagen to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin. However, cosmetic injections are temporary as the effects wear off in a few months. Therefore, a patient is required to make regular appointments to the dermatologist clinic for cosmetic injections. Only qualified and competent board-certified dermatologists should administer cosmetic injections. Some patients may develop antibodies making the cosmetic injections ineffective after receiving the Botox injection. For this reason, cosmetic injections need to be administered by qualified medical practitioners. Qualified professionals should perform dermatological and medical procedures at a dermatologist clinic with the requisite medical equipment.