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4 Dermatology Services for Health and Beauty

Dermatologists are skin doctors. They care for patients' skin, providing treatments and medications that can increase patients' health and beauty. If you suffer from acne, need an anti-aging solution, or simply want to ensure that your skin is in good condition, a dermatologist can help you. Here are four dermatology services you can take advantage of.

1. Skin Cancer Prevention

Skin cancer is a serious concern that can affect people at any age, but you become more likely to contract it as you get older. Skin cancer can form in areas that aren't exposed to the sun, but skin damage caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays is a more common trigger for skin cancer. Your dermatologist can help you prevent skin cancer by giving you tips for sun safety. Staying out of direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day can protect you from UV rays. Using sunscreen when you're outside can help as well. Your dermatologist can offer yearly skin cancer screenings that will allow you to have cancerous lesions diagnosed as soon as possible.

2. Anti-Aging Treatments

The appearance of a person's skin changes as they age. As you get older, your skin produces less collagen, which can result in skin that is less elastic. You may notice wrinkles forming on your face when you reach your 30s. Fortunately, your dermatologist can offer effective anti-aging treatments. Topical medications, like retinoids, can increase cellular turnover to reduce wrinkles. Laser treatments can encourage your skin to produce more collagen, which can restore a youthful texture and luminosity.

3. Acne Treatments

Acne commonly affects adolescents, but it can affect adults as well. Acne can manifest as pustules, blackheads, or whiteheads. It's caused by bacteria trapped beneath the surface of the skin. Acne can cause lasting scars if it isn't properly treated. Luckily, a dermatologist can prescribe topical or oral medication to clear up your acne. Adapalene, retinoids, and certain mild acids can be used as topical treatments. If your dermatologist believes your acne is caused by hormones, they may prescribe birth control pills or spironolactone to regulate your hormone levels and eradicate your acne.

4. Cosmetic Procedures

Dermatologists can also offer effective cosmetic procedures, such as injectable dermal fillers. Dermal fillers can be used to subtly alter the shape of your face or fill in dark under-eye circles. Cosmetic injections are safe when performed by a licensed dermatologist. This treatment can offer dramatic results, especially when used in combination with other dermatologist treatments.

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